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2. Help our children and other families in need
3. Honour loved ones with a free personalized gift certificate made out in their name showing the gift that they purchased.  
Breakfast at Ke Kontan - $15
Breakfast has been called the most important meal of the day, yet most kids in the developing world have to go without. This gift supplies our children with breakfast for one day. With such a good deal on breakfast, consider buying multiples of this item!
Meat for a Week- $120
This gift will provide our kids with meat for their daily meals for a week. Meat is high in protein and other nutrients which are essential for a child's development.  

Bag of rice- $40 
Rice is a staple food in Haiti and is eaten with most meals providing energy. Your gift will provide rice for a week to our 20 children at Ke Kontan. 
Cooking Utensils- $150
Both the children's home as well as the numerous families we support are in constant need of cooking supplies/utensils. Your gift can help us provide meals to our children and community. This will include knives, forks, spoons, dishware, pots and pans, etc 
Hygenie kit- $30
Your gift will provide vital necessities such as toothpaste, a toothbrush, shampoo, soap and more to one of our children. You will help them maintain their health and dignity and increases their ability to participate in school and extra circular activities. 
Basic School Supplies- $30
Your gift will provide one child with the school supplies needed for a years worth of schooling.  
This will include the textbooks, notebooks, 
pens and pencils that they will need to attend school.  
Clothing & Shoes- $20
Your gift will provide a child in our home or community with clothing and a new pair of sandals! 
Table & Chairs- $200
As our family continues to grow, we continue to run out of sitting room for all of our children.  We believe it is important for our children and staff to sit down and enjoy meals together as this is important bonding time and where a lot of the talk happens!  Your gift will provide our home with a new table and chairs so we can all enjoy our meals together! 
Restock our Medicine Cabinet- $100
With having a large number of kids, comes many different viruses and illnesses. It is important that we are properly stocked in case of emergency and to ease a child’s pain or discomfort when needed. Your gift will ensure that we will be able to provide our kids with the best care possible and will allow us to be prepared in emergency situations!
Medical Visit- $65
In Haiti, healthcare is not free. We have to pay for each visit as well as any tests that need to be done, prescriptions that need to be filled, and for any items the doctor may use while examining our children. As you can imagine, the cost adds up! Your gift will help cover one child’s visit to the Doctor! 
Food package (1 week)- $265
A Food package will provide our 20 children with a weeks worth of nutritious food that is vital for their development and growth.  
Wages for a nanny- $165  
As our children’s home grows, we are constantly needing to hire more and more staff. The staff wages are sometimes hard to meet with all of the other ongoing financial demands. Your gift will provide one of our nannies with a months wage. They provide the love and care that the children of Ke Kontan desperately need. 
Sponsor a child- $420 per year 
Sponsor a child and experience the joy of creating a lasting change. You will be able to see their progress through photos and annual updates. This is a great way to let a child know that someone loves them and cares.  
Gift Where Needed Most- $50
When emergency strikes and time is of the essence, your "undesignated gift" puts money where it is needed most. This gift can truly be life saving, especially when medical emergencies arise.Gifts Where Needed Most- $50
Please keep in mind that all prices below are in Canadian Dollars. 
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We thank you for your support and for giving a gift of purpose this year! You will receive a certificate showing the purchase/purchases you made!

For any questions regarding the gift catalogue or purchases made please email emily@himeforhelp.org or info@himeforhelp.org 
Baby Package- $85
Your gift will provide our babies with formula, diapers, and wipes for a week. 
Our 2016 Online Gift Catalogue allows you to purchase essential items that are needed in our Children's Home in Port au Prince, Haiti, on a daily basis.  These items are purchased directly on the grounds in Haiti.  You are not only supporting our children and providing them with basic care items but you are also impacting local Haitian businesses in our surrounding community and assisting them to support their families. These are perfect gift ideas for teacher gifts, retirement parties, wedding showers, birthdays, Christmas presents etc. as you will be giving the gift of giving!