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Emily Hime
Founder & President
Hime For Help is a Not-for-Profit tax exempt corporation supporting causes in third world countries around the globe. Our main objective is to support those in need and help ease suffering in countries that have been faced with natural disasters, disease outbreaks, war, governmental corruption, and/or extreme poverty. 

From global initiatives to grassroots community issues, we empower people to take action through volunteerism, community development, and informing individuals around the world about poverty and social injustices. 

The way many people act when confronted with poverty and social justice issues is to ask What can I do? Hime For Help offers a number of ways you can help by donating, partnering, volunteering with us, or just simply by getting the word out.

Hime For Help works to improve child well-being and to serve people around the world regardless of religion, race, gender or ethnicity. Poverty is a complex problem which could easily be eliminated if everyone joined together to assist the poorest of the poor to get their foot on the ladder of development. The ladder of development is within reach, yet the poor are trapped beneath it. Hime For Help seeks to lift the poor onto the first step of development which will enable them to grow and give them the necessary tools to become an independent individual within society. 

We believe that by working together as one we won't necessarily change the world, yet we can impact one life at a time. 

Hime For Help was created by Emily Hime in 2012.
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"Val" Phanor Mendelking 
Haitian Director